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TAO can be used in multiple ways across your campus. TAO is used across many departments including student affairs, academics, healthcare and counseling, and athletics. Undergraduate, graduate and professional schools have found easy ways to use TAO.

TAO in education

Everyone needs great mental health and well-being, but everyone has differing needs

TAO resilience training in First Year Experience

Create your own course using TAO’s over 150 interactive sessions, or use the curated course materials.

Tao Courses

For situational problems and mild to moderate mental health concerns:


TAO Self-guided
interactive sessions.

TAO self-help is anonymous, private, individualized, and searchable with evidence-based educational materials.

TAO Interactive Sessions

For Athletic and other departments:

Individualized content you can organize as course work, workshops & training programs.

TAO includes many topics to use across campus including communication, relationships, anxiety, depression, well-being, performance enhancement, and more. TAO provides Screening for common problems, progress measures, grade books and administrative dashboards.

Sessions List

For professional development and soft skills

Emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, problems solving, and other commonly requested topics.

Evidence-based, programmed protocols for common mental health problems.

Use TAOs Provider dashboard to view progress measure scores and completed educational sessions. The provider dashboard makes patient management easy.

Graph plotting scores of progress measures
open quotes


  • Tao has been helpful in giving me basic tools to pursue wellness in my day to day and helped me start finding answers to questions. Like why drama happens in relationships and how I can help myself calm down in a high stress situation.

Get on the path to wellness
with TAO